We have the following Government Support :

  • Business rates reduction application
  • Child Tax credit guideline
  • Working Tax credit guideline
  • Maternity/Paternity pay guideline
  • Housing Benefit eligibility test
  • Job seeker allowance
  • Employment support Allowance
  • PIP (Persona Independence Payment) guideline

Investing in Futures and Commodities

Futures and commodities investments offer investors with more complex investing needs a way to potentially profit from both the upward and downward movement of commodity and financial markets.

Because the futures and commodities markets can be highly unpredictable — often swinging dramatically — futures and commodities investments are not suitable for all investors. Before starting, consider your:

  • Financial experience
  • Investment goals
  • Risk tolerance
  • Financial resources

If investing in futures and commodities has the potential to fit into your investment strategies and your Financial Advisor does not trade in futures and commodities, he or she will recommend another Financial Advisor who can help you invest in this highly specialized niche.